Historically the city of Volos is the mythical city of the Argonauts or the city of Theseus who started his long journey for the Golden Fleece . The city with the mythical mountain of the Centaurs , Pelion , where the Olympian Gods had their summer residence and also where the Centaurs lived & developed the science of botany and the medical science.

Furthermore Volos is well known for its traditional cuisine. There are many “tsipouradika” or “ouzeri” all around the city which are little taverns with fresh mainly fish appetizers or other seafood dishes. Additionally during your stay with us you can visit the archaeological museum , the port of the city and the old district of “Palaia” , an area full of taverns, nightlife & people. The port of Volos & the coastline region can captivate every visitor as well as the commercial district “Ermou” with lots of stores which are located very close to Volos View apartments.

At close range from our apartments is the archaeological site of “Sesklo” which dates back to 6.000BC and is the oldest in Europe . Also the ancient theater of “Mikrothives” highlights the cultural heritage of Volos. Last but not least should be mentioned that daily ship itineraries from the port of Volos can give you the opportunity to explore one of the Sporades islands ( Skiathos , Skopelos , Alonissos) within two to three hours trip from the city . The islands have the most amazing blue beaches and the most green landscapes. Also Skiathos and Skopelos is well known from the movie “Mamma Mia” and there are many daily cruises to the places that actually the movie took place. Please ask us for more information we are happy to answer!

Mountain Pelion

The gems of Pelion are hands down its quaint villages ! Makrinitsa , Portaria, Hania , Milies , Lefokastro , Ai Giannis are among the most beautiful villages in Pelion & can offer special food experiences and great memories. Pelion also has its own ski center . At a 25km distance from Volos is exclusively located the ski center since from the top of the center you can actually see the city & the Pagasetic gulf and the infinity Aegean Sea. In the small village Hania before you reach the ski center is an excellent place for a traditional cuisine with local restaurants such as “ To Hani Kokkini ” . The variety of natural landscapes make Pelion a top holiday destination any season ! Volos & Pelion are great destinations for vacations for all year round with one big port , many bus & train itineraries from/to Athens & Thessaloniki and one small airport that receives chapter flights.